Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Reflection Paper

In this class, I have learned a lot about not only English, but also how to enrich my English abilities with tools around myself. At present, everyone has at least one mobile phone, even two or more cell phones or tablet PCs. Unfortunately! Most of people would not apply these tools, such as mobiles or tablet PCs, for learning foreign languages or some abilities that they are not enough.

The most interest part of the class for me is the software, My ET. Every country has its own accent, however, My ET can correct our accent much closer like foreigners. In the beginning, owing to accent problem, our grades on the software is not higher enough. To pass the stage, every sentences must be read at least twice time or much more time. However, we can read much better without listening the guide finally. I think the reason about reading better that is progress by practices on the class!

Once, we listened a speaking on this class about the speech on the graduation of Stanford University by Steven Paul Jobs. Though this is not the first time for me to listen the speaking, there is a big different between that I was newborn and now.  In this time, my biggest acquisition is that work hard for own hobbies, instead of working busy for life. Steve Jobs has a big courage to stop his school career to develop and pursue his interest. On the other hand, nowadays, teenagers are just learning for future, and keep their interest away. They go ahead with road, which they may not be satisfied. They seem like that they never think the relations with the interest and the future. Someone said “Be good at your professional part, you will be an expert.” I think that keep going on the road I like and never give up. Someday, success will come true.

I did not know that there are so many kinds of free source for translating until I learned from the class. In the past time, while wanting to translate the English vocabularies, I just used “Google Translator” or “Yahoo Dictionary.” After the class, I know that I can use other methods or websites for translating the English words, such as Cambridge, Oxford, Longman, and so on. These dictionaries use simple words to explain the words, which we do not know. Besides, there are also sample sentences to help us understand the meaning of the words and how to use. Using the English resource to translate, one is to know the words which we want to know, another is to train the reading ability in English, the other is to know the grammar of the word by the sample sentences. In fact, free resources like these are much more than we think.

What I learned from the class is not only just English, but also the basic respect on class and reports. Unfortunately, most of teachers does not care about that and not teach that in this time. One day, my classmates chatted on class, and teacher tell us a story about a NTUST student to let us know the importance of the class. In addition to this, someone slept on class once, and teacher tell us another story . The story means that someone worked hard for ideal school, but he slept on class in the ideal school. On the other hand, some teachers just work what he need to do, such as teaching, exam, and calling the roll. They do not care whether we have learned that. By comparison, we can feel that teacher works so hard for this class. Thank you for your teaching! I learned a lot!

Thank you for your instruction.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

#5. A story..

When I was in high school, my relatives are not optimistic about me, do not think I can be admitted to a public school, often ridicule for me or verbal attacks to me.
At that time I was reading until two or three o’clock a day, and I often sleep on the desk, get up and rush to high school, just to prove that their cynicism will not have any impact on me.
Finally, I proved strength myself, so they regarded with special respect.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

#4. Steve Jobs

I think Steve Jobs' lecture is very memorable.
And I think Steve Jobs was a special person.
He is a man that full of imagination, and he is a man who effect many people.
Stay hungry, stay foolish, this sentence let me know we not only can't learn from books, but also can learn from experiences.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

#2. 20150322 21:10

Numerous: many
Ex: Shops of this typeonce rare, are now numerous.

Switch: small device, usually pushed up or down with your finger, that controls and turns on or off an electric current
Ex: Can you flip the switch?

Correspondingly: similar, or resulting from something else
Ex: As the course becomes more difficult, there's usually a corresponding drop in attendance.

Disruption:  to prevent something, especially a system,process or event, from continuing as usual or asexpected.
Ex: The accident on the main road through town is causing widespread disruption for motorists.

Neighbourliness: friendly or helpful
Ex: It was very neighbourliness of you to do her shopping for her.

I like the Cambridge because it definition is very clear. And it has a simple example.To me, it can improve my grammar.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

#1. Hi

Hi everyone, I'm glad to be here for CALL class and glad to be part of you.
My name is Yu Han Cheng and the English one in Eva.
I'm studying in International Business.
I have a part-time job at watsons now.

People say that I am a friendly and active person. And I like to try on new things. Also I like to sing, listen to music, chat and watch movies.
Hoping that I could learn more English in the future.

Anyway, if there are any questions, please give me your advice kindly.
Thank you everyone.